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    Tea Drink

    Gyokuro Hoshino

    Shade Grown & Hand Picked Green Tea Leaves

    Japanese tea experts will quickly realize that Gyokuro Hoshino comes from outside of Shizuoka Prefecture. This fine tea, harvested in Hoshino Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, is the only exception to our rule of tea leaves being sourced exclusively from Shizuoka Prefecture because of its consistent high quality and excellent taste.

    This tea is available in a 500 gram "Plain Wrap" package. This represents a 25% savings. If you are a first-time buyer at, we recommend you try our smaller consumer-size packages first as the larger bulk sizes are not included in our Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy.

    • 500 grams (1 pound 2 ounces)
    • Makes approximately 225 to 250 servings of tea
    • Brewing instructions are not printed on Consumer (Bulk) packages. Please see the How To Brew page for brewing instructions.

    Price: USD $88.00

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