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    Tea Drink

    Instant Green Tea Powder 100 Handy Stick Packets Without Box (Save 20%)

    Instant Green Tea powder very conveniently dissolves immediately in either hot or cold water with gentle stirring. The light green clear liquid tastes very similar to a slightly roasted Sencha loose leaf tea. Each serving is 100% Shizuoka green tea powder packed in a handy stick foil packet that is ideal for use at home, work or on-the-go.

    Purchase 100 Instant Green Tea handy stick packets without the box and save 20%. Each tea powder serving is individually packaged in a foil wrapper to insure freshness. Packed in a cellophane bag for convenient storage.

    • .8 grams x 100 packets
    • Makes 100 100 ml servings of tea
    • Instructions: Add the contents of one packet to 100 ml of water and stir.
    • Ingredients: Shizuoka green tea and dextrin (a benign starch that facilitates powder solubility)

    Price: USD $24.00

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