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    Tea Drink

    Premium Deep Steamed Shincha Sae Midori

    Single Estate Origin

    First Picked Deep Steamed Green Tea, Loose Leaf (FukamushiCha)

    We rarely use the Japanese word umami (savory taste) to describe a product because Japanese people often use the word oishii (delicious) to describe most teas but umami is reserved for a very special tea. Premium Deep Steamed Shincha Sae Midori is bursting with umami. The taste profile is a very subtle sweetness, velvety smoothness (no astringency) and creamy (not grassy or earthy tasting). The deep steaming achieves an attractive boldness and complexity without overpowering the flavor. This tea defines excellence and is a masterpiece.

    • 100 grams (3.5 ounces)
    • Makes approximately 45 to 50 servings of tea
    • Brewing instructions are not printed on Consumer (Bulk) packages. Please see the How To Brew page for brewing instructions. Makinohara Shincha brews exactly like Sencha.

    About Shincha Tea
    Shincha is packaged in limited quantities only once per year immediately after the spring harvest. It holds a special place in the hearts and palates of the Japanese people who enjoy drinking quality tea.

    About Deep Steamed Tea

    During processing deep steamed tea is steamed approximately one minute longer than regular Japanese green tea. This sounds like a simple procedure, but actually it takes great skill and knowledge, such that most tea companies in Japan are unable to do it. Deep steaming causes tea leaves to lose their "leaf" shape and become separated. That makes this tea appear more powdery than others. When brewed, it also results in the thick-rich and dark green color liquid.

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