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  • Genmai Matcha 25
    Tea Drink

    Genmai Matcha Green Tea Bags

    25 Tea Bags In Box

    Genmai Matcha tea bags have the same outstanding taste as the loose leaf teas. Genmai Matcha is a very tasty combination of Sencha, Genmai (toasted brown rice) and Matcha (high-quality tea leaf powder). The Genmai gives the Sencha tea a wholesome, nut-like flavor. The Matcha gives it a deep green color and very pleasing aroma. The pyramid-shape fine-mesh teabag makes brewing quick and easy. Each tea bag is individually packaged in a foil wrapper to insure freshness.

    • 25 bags per box
    • Each bag weighs 2.5 grams
    • Total of 62.5 grams (2.20 ounces)

    Price: USD $10.00

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