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  • genmai-matcha
    Tea Drink

    Genmai Matcha Green Tea Bags

    100 Tea Bags Without Box

    Purchase 100 Genmai Matcha tea bags without the box and save 25%. Genmai Matcha tea bags have the same outstanding taste as the loose leaf teas. Genmai Matcha is a very tasty combination of Sencha, Genmai (toasted brown rice) and Matcha (high-quality tea leaf powder). The Genmai gives the Sencha tea a wholesome, nut-like flavor. The Matcha gives it a deep green color and very pleasing aroma. The pyramid-shape fine-mesh teabag makes brewing quick and easy. Each tea bag is individually packaged in a foil wrapper to insure freshness. Packed in a cellophane bag for convenient storage.

    • 100 bags per cellophane package
    • Each bag weighs 2.5 grams
    • Total of 250 grams (8.8 ounces)

    Price: USD $30.00

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